Along with GeneralSeminar, SuperSeminar is one of Near Future Laboratory's sense-making platforms of intensive presentations about the tools that are being deployed from the vanguard of innovation and insight practices.

SuperSeminar provides you with focused intensive capsule presentations from engaged practitioners who can help you understand the wide variety of ways we can make sense of, prepare for, and anticipate change and emergence brought about by the complexities of today’s world.

SuperSeminar gives the engaged learner an opportunity to have an in depth conversation with experts and other attendees, and grow into a network of others who share the same interests, have the same questions, and are looking to bring an area of study into their work practice.

SuperSeminar sessions are deliberately kept small.

These are not large webinars without an opportunity to engage deeply in graduate-level conversations on a topic with thought-leaders and other practitioners who have the same questions, concerns, and desires to elevate their understanding of topics in a rapidly evolving field of play.


Design Fiction, AI and Machine Learning in Business Strategy Exploring how AI and machine learning can be applied to strategic decision-making. Trends in Emerging Technologies Providing an overview of the latest emerging technologies and their potential impact on various industries, such as blockchain, augmented reality, quantum computing, solarpunk. Design Fiction 101 Providing an introduction to Design Fiction, its principles, and how it differs from other design methodologies, practices, and mindsets. Using Design Fiction for Strategic Foresight Exploring how Design Fiction can be utilized to envision and explore potential future scenarios and their implications for business strategy. Narrative Prototyping and Speculative DesignDelving into the concept of narrative prototyping as a way to create immersive experiences of future products, services, and experiences and their social, political, and environmental consequences. Blending Design Fiction with Business Strategy Creating your organization’s ‘Annual Report from the Future’ in order to integrate Design Fiction into the strategic planning process to inform decision-making and innovation. Collaborative Design Fiction Workshops Organizing and facilitating workshops to co-create Design Fiction narratives with cross-functional teams in order to reinvigorate and inspire one of your organization’s most valuable capacities: its ability to imagine future marketplaces and opportunities to contribute to a richer, more habitable future. Ethical Considerations in Design Fiction Addressing ethical concerns related to speculative futures and responsible use of Design Fiction in business contexts that can take into account the opportunities for better futures. Design Fiction to Inspire and Innovate Examining how Design Fiction can stimulate innovation and inspire novel ideas for product development and market disruption. Design Fiction and Trend Forecasting Leveraging Design Fiction as a tool to identify emerging trends and consumer preferences. Futures Design Exploring the convergence of imagination practices and other future-focused design methodologies. Design Fiction and Organizational Change How can speculation shape and inform change management initiatives within businesses. Translating Design Fiction into Actionable Insights Strategies for translating speculative narratives into practical actions and strategies. Imagination and Storytelling Harnessing the power of storytelling techniques to communicate complex futures in a compelling manner. Design Fiction and Brand Innovation Using speculation and artifacts from possible near futures or adjacent here-and-nows to explore new branding possibilities and create future-proof brand identities. Challenging Assumptions through Speculative Design Encouraging critical thinking and challenging assumptions about the future through Design Fiction exercises. Design Fiction and Public Policy Discussing the application of Design Fiction in shaping public policy and envisioning government initiatives, and how to use it to enroll an engaged public in shaping future policy.