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SuperSeminar offers live, online seminar-style course with professionals and peers who are in similar roles to me, and it's run by Near Future Laboratory, the folks who established the practice of Design Fiction. Super Seminar teaches on a whole range of topics at the forefront of design and technology practices. It’s the kind of material that is at the vanguard of design + technology practices that we should be exploring. This is a great way for our team to stay up to date, competitive, and aware of new approaches, tools, and technologies coming down the pike.

Futures Design, Foresight + Strategy, Design Fiction are definitely something we should pay close attention to, and Super Seminar brings in practitioners both from industry who have been at the bleeding-edge, integrating Futures-oriented practices, strategic foresight, and design fiction into their work. This is a great opportunity to learn from them, and connect directly with them.

There are a few points to highlight as to the value of this for us as a team, and for overall Learning and Development:

* We get access to the presentations from the experts sharing their insights and experiences on the Super Seminar topic, as well as the recording and take-away notes, all of which I can share with the rest of our organization and team.

* I get to hear about and ask question regarding the latest thinking in the space on how to bring the insights and experiences as pertains the topic to help us think about how we might integrate these mindsets, approaches, and tools to our own projects.

* I get discount codes we can use for some related materials such as books and work kits from the Near Future Laboratory resources shop.

* I will also have an opportunity to expand my professional network through direct access to the presenters, as well as Julian Bleecker, Ph.D., founder of Near Future Laboratory, who are the folks producing these Super Seminars.

* I anticipate being able to put my learnings directly into practice based on the seminar. After the course, I can share the learnings with the team so our entire team levels up!

The course costs $199 USD. If you like, you can review course details here at https://superseminar.school

Would it be possible to be reimbursed for this Seminar?



P.S. Other teams have sent a few people to the Super Seminar together because it's an efficient way to get shared context that otherwise takes back-and-forth time to build. It might make sense for us to send a few folks to this course and ask for a group discount.